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Bakers Rug Service is South Florida's oldest rug service.  We specialize in cleaning and restoring your precious Persian, Oriental, and antique rugs.  We are the only rug cleaner that guarantees to flush out animal urine and odor in our deep cleaning service.


About Bakers Rug Service

Cleaning solutions for Your Valuable Rugs

Bakers Rug Service has been providing a century of excellent service for all types of rugs from all over the world. We have been the trusted name in serving the State of Florida and have serviced thousands of satisfied customers and businesses.  All of our employees are fully trained with years of experience. All our services are guaranteed to provide customer satisfaction.

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Our Services

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Rug Repair

Restoring your valuable rug is our mission.  We provide professional reweaving, reknotting, patching and other salvaging techniques to bring your item back to life.

Rug Cleaning

Our professional rug cleaning department is the best in the local industry, skilled with decades of experience with both new and antique rugs. We are experts in heavy deep water cleaning.

Rug Appraisals

We have a skilled appraiser onsite to evaluate your rug and give you an accurate representation of its value.

Stain & Odor Removal

Bakers is the only rug cleaner that guarantees to flush out animal urine and order through our deep cleaning process.

Fabric Protection

After having your rug repaired or cleaned, it is always recommended to protect it from future spills and stains. Our fabric protection creates a shield between your rug and the elements.

Pick up & Delivery

For a nominal charge, we will pick up your rugs and deliver them to you once they have been cleaned.



Our repair and restoration technicians have years of experience rejuvenating valued rugs.  Each rug is painstakingly reweaved, reknotted, or refringed by hand.  These craftsmen are meticulous in each repair and use timeless techniques that have been passed down for generations.

We take great pride in being able to restore your treasured rug to its best possible condition.  Because these items become delicate and fragile over time, it is important to entrust your valued floor covering to proven rug experts.  Our reviews demonstrate the level of precision and care we employ to deliver customer satisfaction.



When cleaning a Persian or Oriental rug, it is important to take special care to protect the delicate rug fibers and fringes.  

Steps We Take To Clean Your Rug:

  • Dusting Process
  • Application of Pre-Cleaning Products
  • Shampoo and Rinsing Process
  • Complete Rinsing 
  • Natural Drying to Preserve Color and Fiber Strength



Repair and Restoration

Repairing an antique rug will bring back its appearance and increase its value when it is done by expert craftsmen.  We strive to bring your rug back to its original condition.  We take rug restoration seriously and offer the following types of repairs:

  • Fringe Repair, Replacement and Removal
  • Rug Binding and Edge Repair
  • Rug Overcasting
  • Rug Hole Restoration and more...

Rug Cleaning

When we receive your rug in our facility, we first do a thorough inspection to make sure there is not any existing damage that could be exacerbated by a thorough cleaning.  Then, we go through the cleaning process that includes:

  • Rug Dusting
  • Soaking and Washing
  • Through Rinse Step
  • Water Removal and Drying


If you have a pet, you have experienced an accident on your rug.  Animal urine causes staining and can leave a very unpleasant odor in your rug and your home. We are the only rug cleaner that guarantees to flush out animal urine and odor with a thorough deep cleaning.

Animal Urine & Odor Removal Process Includes:

  • Locate and Clean affected areas to remove any urine deposits
  • Application of treatment products for deep fabric penetration
  • Thorough moisture extraction and rinsing process
  • Rug is cleaned again and enzyme deodorants and sanitizers are applied.

We have always taken our rugs to Baker's. They clean them nicely and have repaired a rug or two for us as well. They definitely know everything there is to know about oriental rugs. This is a reliable business that provides a very specialized service and does it quite well!

Ray Estefania - Miami, FL

We've been bringing our rugs to Bakers since 1987...been satisfied customers every time.

R Rodriguez - Miami, FL


We have the answers

We recommend that you clean your rugs after spills or if an animal urinates on it.  

Bakers Rug Service cleans just about every kind of area rug. 

Carpets that arrive at Bakers Rug Service are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Calling or stopping by allows us to properly determine how long it would take us to clean your carpet.

Yes, Bakers is the only rug cleaner that guarantees to flush out animal urine and odor with our deep cleaning service.

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Bakers Rug Service is South Florida's oldest rug service provider. We are experts in heavy deep water cleaning, animal urine and odor removal.  Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your rug or to simply schedule a pick up and service.  We look forward to serving you.

Rug Services We Offer:

  • Rug Cleaning and Washing
  • Pet Stain and Odor Removal
  • Rug Repair and Restoration
  • Rug Appraisal
  • Discount Rug Sales

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